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Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, and related fields are among the most popular majors declared at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. Business students need to develop strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities in order to cope with the ever-changing issues in commerce and society.
Having a Business Administration or an Economics major you will be able to work effectively in a cross-functional setting. You will use oral, written, and computerized media to present information, analyses, and make recommendations to others. Locating, obtaining, organizing, reporting and using information from human, print, and electronic sources are just a few of the tasks that will be performed throughout your career. You will need to analyze situations and make decisions using problem solving techniques as well as creative and critical thinking. Strong ability to work effectively in teams using interpersonal communication and leadership skills will be essentials in a successful business or economics career.

UWFox offers the freshman and sophomore level liberal arts courses and business core courses you will need. University business programs require courses in several disciplines to provide you with an understanding of society. Courses in foreign languages, psychology, philosophy, political science and geography all have relevance to the study of business and economics.

In your junior and senior years, you will take specialized courses in a particular area of business. If your chosen field of study is business, you will choose from programs such as accounting, finance, operations management, human resources management, marketing, management information systems, and others. If your chosen field of study is economics, you will research such socioeconomic problems as poverty, unemployment, inflation and growth patterns. Areas of possible concentration include economic theory, economic development, labor and human resources, and international trade, among others.

Career Opportunities

A business or economics major can equip you with the skills and background to contribute meaningfully in a wide variety of occupations. A business major or minor also provides a background useful in health fields and social science occupations. Some of the career fields for students with an interest in business or economics are:
Accounting Actuarial Science Banking and Finance Computer and Data Processing Education General management Management Information Systems Marketing and Sales Human Resources Risk and Insurance Hotel and Restaurant Management

Curriculum guidelines

UWFox offers the freshman and sophomore curriculum needed to begin a business major. The courses outlined are to be used as a guide. You should refer to the catalog of the bachelor degree-granting institution to which you plan to transfer. The business faculty or Student Affairs advisors can help you plan a course of study at UWFox that will meet the requirements of the university of your choice. Requirements for admission to the junior year business program may vary. However, requirements typically include a specific minimum grade point average and successful completion of a core of business foundation courses:

Business Core

Introduction to Business Introductory Accounting Intermediate Accounting Managerial Accounting Economics and Business Statistics Economics-Macro Economics –Micro Computer Applications Topics in Finite Mathematics Calculus Business Communication Introduction to Management Information Systems

Liberal Arts Courses

English Composition Introduction to Public Speaking Natural Sciences Social Sciences Humanities
This curriculum may vary according to the transfer campus. The beginning English and mathematics classes will be dependent upon placement scores.

Academic and Career Advising

Faculty members are available to assist you within their respective discipline. Student Affairs advisors are available to assist you with both academic and career selection. The staff will help you to select courses to fulfill academic requirements for your desired majors. Advisors will also be able to assist you with career exploration through computerized interest inventories, resource materials, and job shadowing opportunities.

Fast Track & Emphasis Programs

The business certificate can be earned with the 'Fast Track Program' here at UWFox. Also available at UWFox is the Business Certificate and the Associate Degree with a Business or Economics Emphasis.

Further Information

  • E-mail address is foxinfo@uwc.edu
  • Web address is www.uwfox.uwc.edu
  • Career information web address is www.uwhelp.wisconsin.edu
  • Call the Student Affairs Office at (920) 832-2620
  • Write to the following address: Student Affairs Office University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley 1478 Midway Road, Menasha, WI 54952
  • Visit the campus Student Resource Room
  • Explore career options on WISCAREERS computer program