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Department of Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences at UW-Fox Valley includes a range of introductory courses in general, animal, microbial and plant biology plus courses in inheritance and genetics.

There has never been a more exciting time for students to enter a life science field. Advances in molecular biology affecting all forms of life hold promises for improved quality of life beyond imagination just a few years ago. These same techniques have raised concerns about the long term effects on the environment as well. Course at UWFox in the biological sciences provide the basis for understanding the natural world and the modern techniques. We emphasize not only learning content but critical thinking about the issues of biology.

Students wishing to major in biology, botany, zoology, genetics, ecology, or molecular biology can enroll at UW-Fox Valley and receive a sound start that will enable easy transfer into a four-year program elsewhere, both within the University of Wisconsin System or outside of it.

Academic and Career Advising

Faculty members are available to assist you within their respective discipline. Student Affairs advisors are available to assist you with both academic and career selection. The staff will help you to select courses to fulfill academic requirements for your desired majors. Advisors will also be able to assist you with career exploration through computerized interest inventories, resource materials, and job shadowing opportunities.

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