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Financial Assistance

Noyce Scholarship Program

Students enrolled in the Alternative Careers in Teaching program are eligible to apply for stipends of $13,000 through the act!/Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program supported by the National Science Foundation.

Contact Dr. Michael Beeth for more information about the Noyce Scholarship program.

The WISEdash database

To determine the free and reduced lunch rate for a School District, an individual building or a grade, access the WISEdash web page and follow the instructions below.

Click on the dark blue Enrollment tab then move to the grey boxes and select the “District” you are interested in and then under “Group by” select “Economic Status”. This will bring up a graph for the most recent data on Economic status for all groups of students and all schools in a District. To see trends in this data for several years, click on Enrollment again and select “Enrollment (Trends-Other Subgroups)”. Hoover over any bar on the chart that pops up to see the percentage of students who are economically dis/advantaged.

If you followed these instructions for the Antigo Unified School District you would see 54.5% for the 2012-13 school year.

You can drill down to a specific school or grade level by selecting Grade Group and School in the grey boxes.

Note: You can view other demographic and academic data for a school or a building by changing the parameters of your search.

Funding for the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is
provided by the National Science Foundation
grants DUE-0833324 and DUE-0934682