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Fox Facts Spring 2005

UWFox Faculty and Staff Professional Activities and Accomplishments Spring 2005

[The information, below, has been provided by the individuals cited with editing by the UWFox Office of University Relations.]

Sandra Ankerson (Program Assistant II in Student Affairs) was presented with the “Larry D. White Classified Staff Award” at the 2005 UWFox Commencement Ceremony held in May. Ankerson was cited for her excellence in service to the campus and for her work in supporting the overall operations that benefited the UWFox students.

Jean Berger (Assistant Professor of History) attended the Senator Rush D. Holt History Conference on “Global Insecurity and Terrorism” held at West Virginia University-Morgantown on March 3-6, 2005.  At the conference she presented a paper entitled, “When Do Women Kill? Life and Death in Tsarist Russia.”  The paper examines the conditions and events which led three young Russian women in the 1870s and 1880s to conclude that acts of terrorism were the best means of achieving their political and social objectives.  Her paper is to be included in the book, Defining Security in an Insecure World:  Historical Perspectives on Radicalism, Terrorism, and State Responses, and published by West Virginia University Press in July, 2005. Berger was named as a “Chancellor’s Teaching Fellow” for the 05-06 academic year and involves undertaking a year-long scholarly teaching project, presenting her findings at the 2006 UW Colleges Colloquium, and culminates with presenting her findings either as a published article or at a conference.  Berger presented a lecture on Golda Meir as part of the “Influential Thinkers and Leaders Series” offered through UWFox’s Office of Continuing Education. Her presentation examined Meir’s life, which transcended three cultures: tsarist Russia, America, and modern Israel.  (Meir was born in Russia, but grew to adulthood in Milwaukee, WI, where she taught in the public schools.  She later immigrated to Israel and became the “founding mother” of the modern state of Israel.)

Bill Bultman (Associate Professor of Computer Science) was presented with the “Cutting Edge Award” at the 2005 UWFox Commencement Ceremony. The award is given annually by Appleton Downtown Rotary Club and the Appleton Breakfast Rotary Club, to recognize and reward an educator from UWFox, “who has made significant contributions or displayed exemplary leadership and skill in developing and/or utilizing advancements in teaching and learning methods for the benefit of the community and its quality of life.” This year’s award was presented by Rotarian Aaron Janssen.

Darren DeFrain (Assistant Professor of English) had his essay, “Angel Dave,” appear in The Cimarron Review (issue #150). His story, “Fat Broad,” is to be published in The Bryant Review. His essay, “Ms. Goffrier,” is to be published by The Gihon River Review. DeFrain also taught a nature writing workshop at the Mosquito Hill Nature Center. He was the guest presenter for the UWFox Scholars Series on April 25. His presentation was entitled, “Texture in Writing: A Memoir Reading and Discussion,” and he read his essay, “Angel Dave.” After the reading he spoke about that selection and about using various kinds of writing (“pastiche”) together for effect. DeFrain is leaving UWFox to become the Director of the Writing Program at Wichita State University.

Scott Emmert (Assistant Professor of English) organized and presented on a panel titled, “Teaching Sports Literature as Social Engagement,” at the 2005 National Conference of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, held March 23-26 in San Diego, CA. His presentation was derived from experiences teaching in a UWFox Learning Community with Pam Massey, UWFox Athletic Director and Assistant Professor of Physical Education.

Terry Goode (Senior Lecturer in Philosophy) read a paper, "Learning From Argument,"  to the UW-Oshkosh Philosophy Club in February. He made a presentation titled, "Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?" to the Appleton Westside Rotary Club in March. He also vetted the forthcoming book, "How Do Institutions Steer Events?" for the author, Professor John Wettersten of Mannheim, Germany.

Karen Klamczynski (Director of the Barlow Planetarium) was elected to a fifth term as secretary of the (international) Digistar Users Group, a professional planetarium organization. She is serving a fourth term as the newsletter editor for that group. In November 2004, Klamczynski attended the Wisconsin Earth and Space Science Initiative Conference, held at UWFox. On November 17th she presented an invited talk to the Northeast Wisconsin Stargazers about the history and science of zero and voids entitled, "Something About Nothing." In December 2004, Klamczynski joined the Steering Committee of the Christa McAuliffe Academy. In February 2005, Klamczynski became the UWFox representative on the International Papers “Community Advisory Committee.”

Joanne Kluessendorf (Director of the Weis Earth Science Museum) co-presented a talk on the Schoonmaker Reef (the first fossil reef identified in North America and a National Historical Landmark) in Wauwatosa, WI at the Wauwatosa Historical Society in January. She also conducted an interactive mineral identification presentation at the “Einstein Expo,” held in Green Bay in January, which was attended by more than 3000 children. In February, she presented a talk to the Neenah Rotary about the WESM. She appeared in a live remote broadcast from the WESM via WFRV-TV on March 22 for the exhibit, “Treasure Under the Trees: Crystal Collecting in the Colorado Rockies,” at the time the exhibit featured in the WESM. In February and March, she was an invited scientist at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, where she provided curatorial advice for the Fisk Holbrook Day Collection of Wisconsin fossils.

Dubear Kroening (Assistant Professor of Biology) led discussion groups for the Appleton Public Library, covering four books on germs during the months January, February, March and April. He took five of his students to the “Posters in the Rotunda” session in Madison (April 7) to present their findings on “probiotics research” to state legislators, the UW System Regents, media and general public.

Jeff Kuepper (Student Activities Coordinator) was recognized as the “Outstanding Academic Staff Member of the Year 2004,” by the UW Colleges Division of Student Affairs. He is the first staff member from UWFox to receive this particular award, as he was chosen by a selection committee comprised of various campus representatives from the Student Affairs Division making up the UW Colleges. He was presented with the award in March at a meeting in Madison.

Cathy Paynter (Director of Continuing Education) was one of 36 members in the 2004-05 graduating class of “Leadership Fox Cities,” a year-long community leadership program of the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry that ran from September 2004 through May 2005.

Greg Peter (Assistant Professor of Sociology) was invited to make a presentation at Lawrence University (Appleton) in February 2005. He presented two papers at the Midwest Sociological Society meetings in April: “Home Sweet Work: Farm Fathers facing Space, Place, and Family,” and “Integrating Quantitative Literacy and Public Issues into Introductory Sociology Courses.” Peter also helped three UWFox sociology students present their undergraduate research posters at the Capitol Rotunda in Madison in April. The posters included information on the Wisconsin W2 program, the sociology of terrorism, and teenage suicide, respectively. He is also one of the facilitators for the UWFox Race and Ethnicity Seminar this spring. Peter became a member of the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission in January. He is working with New Holstein High School on their school forest project, and is working with a “Garbology” (study of garbage) project in collaboration with UWFox, Appleton West High School, and Lawrence University. Peter has also helped do fundraising for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in the Fox Valley this spring.

Dan Putman (Professor of Philosophy) presented, “Modern Psychology Meets Ancient Philosophy” at the Academy Evening for the Wisconsin Academy of Science Arts and Letters, from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on May 3, 2005. The free event was held at The Overture Center for the Arts in Madison. His presentation was based on his new book, Psychological Courage. His paper, "Natural and Empty Desires: An Epicurean View of Musical Experience" has been accepted for publication by the journal Contemporary Aesthetics. According to Putman, “The paper discusses the distinction first made by the ancient philosopher Epicurus about desires which are ‘natural,’ i.e., those which spring naturally from the human body, and those that are ‘empty,’ i.e., those that are imposed by society and which cannot possibly ever be fulfilled such as fame, endless luxuries or unrealistic love stories. It then applies that distinction to musical experience and talks about the genuine enjoyment of music versus enjoyment that is blocked by empty desires imposed by society.

Susan Rabideau (Assistant Professor of Communication Arts and Theatre Director) was named, “Outstanding External Contributor of the Year 2004,” at a meeting in Madison held in March by the UW Colleges Division of Student Affairs. Rabideau was recognized as “an individual outside the area of the Student Affairs Division who has made an outstanding contribution to students and the operation of Student Affairs on their [respective] campus,” during the time period of January 1 – December 31, 2004. She is the first representative from UWFox to receive this award. Rabideau was also named, “UWFox Teacher of the Year” at the 2005 UWFox Commencement program held in May.

Martin Rudd (Assistant Professor of Chemistry) attended the American Chemical Society’s Leadership Conference in Baltimore, MD, as a representative of the Northeast Wisconsin Section of the ACS. He also received a nationally competitive Passer Education Grant to attend the National Science Foundation’s Chautauqua Program for College Teachers in May. He delivered an oral presentation at the Two Year Consortium of Chemistry Colleges (2YC3) annual meeting held at Palomar College (San Marcos, CA) entitled, “The Use of Thinkwell Technology in General Chemistry.”

Kristin Runge (Associate Lecturer in Communication Arts) received the “Marilee White Instructional Academic Staff Award” at the 2005 UWFox Commencement Ceremony in May. She was recognized as one of the top classroom lecturers at UWFox, and for her work extending her teaching beyond the classroom and into the realm of applied learning and practical experience for her students.

Wendy Seegers (AODE Program Prevention Specialist) spoke to over 200 college-bound, high school seniors, from Appleton West regarding alcohol and college success, in February.

Steven T. Sheehan (Assistant Professor of History) served as a discussion leader for the UWFox “Ethnic Reading” seminar during February and March. The seminar brought together members of the campus and local communities to discuss readings on race and ethnicity. In March, he taught a UWFox Continuing Education session titled, “Franklin Delano Roosevelt: His Life, Leadership and Legacy,” as part of the Influential Leaders and Thinkers series. He also led a day-long training session to develop secondary teachers’ content knowledge in the areas of the post-World War II “Red Scare” and consumer culture on March 18 at UW-Marathon County. The session was hosted by the Marathon County History Teaching Alliance. Sheehan recently completed a final draft of his manuscript, “We Just Want a Comfortable Life for Ourselves: The Rise and Fall of the Chemical Century at Du Pont Toledo, 1945-1972,” which will be published in the forthcoming issue of the Ohio Academy of History’s Proceedings.

Badri Varma (Professor of Mathematics) officially retired as a member of the UWFox faculty. He will continue to teach various math courses at the campus and has been granted “Emeritus” status. He was cited for his 44-year teaching career, including the last 22 years at UWFox, by WI Governor Jim Doyle in a statement read by Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton at the 2005 campus’ Commencement Ceremony.

Kamlesh Varma (Lead Teacher, Children’s Center) officially retired as a member of the UWFox Children’s Center staff in May.

Jerry Watt (Associate Professor of Engineering) officially retired as a member of the UWFox faculty. He was cited for his teaching career at UWFox by WI Governor Jim Doyle in a statement read by Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton at the 2005 campus’ Commencement Ceremony. Watt has been granted “Emeritus” status. Besides a lengthy and distinguished teaching career at UWFox, Watt has over 20 years’ experience as a structural engineer in the aerospace, nuclear, paper and construction industries.